Society Registration


What is society?

A society is a collaborative group of numerous persons cooperative utilizing shared purposeful regulate and operate jointly for some collective reason. Societies are generally registered for the development of benevolent services in the field of education, culture, art, music, sports, etc.

What is the purpose of Society Registration?

Societies are governed for the sponsorship for the fine arts, science, and literature and the distribution of beneficial information/political education or benevolent motive. Section 20 of the principal Act denotes the following goals for which society registration needs to be done under the Act.

Registrar of Societies

Every state government employs a Registrar or Assistant Registrar of Societies who are certified to register society under the Society Registration Act, 1960.

Selection of Name

While selecting a name, keep in mind that name should unique for the purpose of society registration. The Societies Registration Act, 1860, does not allow registration of society with the already existing name. The name of the society must not be similar to the name of any country, state, and local administration, which is illegal under the provisions of the Emblems and Names Act, 1950.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation mandatorily need to be registered. The Memorandum of Association needs to be signed by 7 or more members, and it must also be dated. The memorandum of association has to be documented with the Registrar of Societies. The memorandum of association comprises the below-mentioned requirements.

  • • The name of the society
  • • The purpose of the society
  • • The names, addresses, and profession of the council, committee, directors, governors, or other governing councils where the management operation of the society is transmitted under the rules of the society
  • • The rules and regulations copy of the society is authorized to be acceptable by a minimum of 3 members of the governing council should be submitted with the memorandum of association.

What is the process of Society Registration through Valcus?

Valcus is definitely a reliable and leading company in providing company registration, NGO registration, licenses, Income Tax and GST filing, trademark registration services, and so on. We follow a simple process in company and NGO registration.

  • • Firstly our company executive will discuss your requirement with you
  • • After that, you need to fill the application form for the required registration
  • • If you will need any technical help in filling the form then we will happy to give you assistance
  • • We will also ask mandatory documents along with the application form
  • • Either our executive will collect the documents or application form or you can also visit our office
  • • After receiving the application form and needed documents we will process them to the relevant department
  • • The registrar will give notification about the completion date and we will send you the original registration certificate at your doorstep.

Benefits of Society Registration

Society Registration gives various benefits described below

  • It allows society to approach investors and the public for investment and raising funds
  • It assists society to get registration under the Income Tax Act, the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, etc.
  • It allows the society to contain property and assets in its own name
  • It gives the facility of the opening a bank account on behalf of the name of the society
  • It gives rights and protection to an organization to implement legal actions in the Court of law.

How Valcus is benefitting its clients ?

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