NGO Registration


What Do You Know About NGO Registration in India?

NGO is the short firm of Non-Governmental Organization that aims to function for philanthropy, public interest, and non-profit commercial activities. The core ambition of an NGO is to work selflessly without having a motto of profit and commercial benefits from the services and welfares.

In India, one can register NGO through below mentioned laws:

  • The Indian Trust Act, 1882, determines trust Registration.
  • Society Registration as per Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • Section-8 Company Registration as per Companies Act, 2013

NGOs are generally determined to operate without any profit and commercial gain objectives. Though NGOs have various rebates when it is about paying tax. It signifies a proactive social organization.

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The Procedure of NGO Registration in India

The NGOs can operate in India as:

Trust Registration

Trusts are unalterable, and one cannot sack or transform without the consent of the beneficiary or owner. The NGO registration form of Trust is recommended for the tiniest members. Moreover, one can start Trust NGO for nursing homes/orphanages etc. Trust is not regulated by the central government, but various states govern Trusts.

Society Registration

The member-based NGOs are societies operated by the self-determined terms and conditions through a commitment chosen by the members. Societies Registration Act, 1860 is the basis of society registration in India.

Section 8 Company Registration

You can register your NGO with Section 8 Company which has limited liability. It is generally started for the advancement of public welfare and the common development of Society. Companies Act, 2013, governs section 8 company. The Section 8 form of NGO is recommended to approach government and private donors for funds and donations.

The Objective of NGO registration in India

The standard and ideal aim to start an NGO is to serve people and help different sections of Society. There are tons of reasons for registering an NGO:

The eventual purpose of NGOs is to support deprived people of the Society and help them get growth opportunities.

These are self-governing bodies that aim towards the betterment of Society by helping the poor and the needy.

These are self-regulating entities. They work for societal development by helping underprivileged and economically weaker sections.

List of the Benefits of NGO Registration in India?

Once you decided the goal of NFO, you can step forward with NGO registration. Know about plenty of advantages that NGOs receives:

Advantages of Society Registration in India

  • Legal Shelter: Nobody is allowed to use your society name, and if someone is breaching this rule, then they have to compensate it with a legal case or heavy monetary penalty
  • Concession in Tax Payment: NGO registered with Society can avail concession in income tax payment.
  • Limited Responsibility: We know that Society is an independent legal body, so each member is responsible for his/her action. Nobody will be held liable for other's wrongdoings. The responsibility of members is only for their shares, and they don't have to face proceedings for other member's>

Benefits of Trust Registration

  • Registered Trust can get the tax concessions.
  • Trust also gets the advantage of an 80G certificate.
  • Trust can approach the government to acquire lands.
  • Trust is registered as per the Indian Trusts Act, 1882
  • Trust involves a charitable act that is usually beneficial for the poor and needy section of the Society.
  • According to the compliance law under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, trust work makes it authentic and reliable.

Advantages of Section 8 Company Registration

  • Section 8 NGO are excluded from the stamp duty. It also enjoys a tax rebate, where investors and partners get a tax rebate in the donation paid to the NGO.
  • Section 8 company has the advantage of the hassle-free ownership transfer process. According to section 8 of the Income Tax Act 1961, individuals can change ownership of portable and steady assets without hindrance.
  • There is no need for minimum capital investment to form an NGO as a section 8 company.
  • Section 8 company also gets the status independent legal body.
  • Reliability is extraordinary as compared to other forms of NGO in Section 8 Company. The central government doesn't interfere in the operation and regulation of the Section 8 firms. Therefore MOA and AOA are intact and inviolable. That is why choosing Section 8 company registration is more reliable than other NGOs or trusts.
  • No need for title/name. Section 8 companies don't need to use a title to their name. On the other side, we have seen that a private limited and public limited company needs to use the suffix.

Registration Process through Valcus Private Limited

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Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

After discussion, if you accept all the terms, conditions, and clauses, we start the NGO registration needed for the selected NGO structure. We will complete all the formalities, collect necessary documents and process the registration without wasting a single minute.

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