Niti Aayog Registration


The digital era has compelled the system to upgrade its operation style. The government of India is also paying attention on preserving a unified database of all Trust/Society/NGOs that are seeking government approval and funding to operate their organization. The government has now made it compulsory for all Trust/society/NGOs to apply for registration in Niti Aayog prior to requesting any government section to demonstrate their project or apply for any government-funded scheme for their organization.

Advantage of Niti Aayog Registration

As stated above, the objective of the government is to create a unified database for all Society/ Trust/NGOs who are willing to contribute through social cause and need funds and approval from the government to run their operations. Here are the advantages of NGO, Trust, and society get Niti Aayog registration

1. Niti Aayog registration can help Non-profit organizations to seek funding and approval for their social. That is why it compulsory to have Niti Aayog registration to get monetary helps from the government.

2. It boosts the goodwill of Trust/society/NGOs that are willing to get donations from the common public.

3. There is also a database that maintains the list of blacklisted NGO

4. Niti Aayog Registration is easy with Valcus Pvt Ltd and you don’t have to worry about the documentation and other legal compliance

Who are eligible for Niti Aayog Registration?

Trust/society/NGO that wants to apply for Niti Aayog Registration must have a valid PAN number. Individuals are not allowed to apply for the Niti Aayog Registration.

The procedure of Niti Aayog Registration through Valcus

• Get in contact with us and tell your requirements

• Fill the form or take the help of our expert in filling the form

• Our representative will collect the application forms and essential documents from your place. However, you can also visit our office and submit form and documentation on your own

• We will submit your application top the respective department

• We will try to get the registration approval within the standard time

What Advantages customers will get from Valcus Pvt Ltd?

Well, there are thousands of firms working in the market, but why should you choose only Valcus for Niti Aayog registration as well as other registration services. Here are some reasons

Highly experienced team of tax consultants, legal advisors, and chartered accountants

A company becomes a leader in the industry because of its dedicated staff and management. Valcus Pvt Ltd is occupied with such talented and experienced professionals who can help consumers in any circumstances

Round the clock support and services

We believe that work doesn’t finish when it gets completed, but we believe in giving continuous support to our customers whenever they need our help during the registration process. Not only during the process but we would like to associate with our customers and give them consistent support even after the registration done for a lifetime

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Making clients free from documentation and compliance complications

once you have handover all the charges of filing application and submission then it is our responsibility to get work done in an accurate way. You just need to provide us the needed documentation as per required by the registration process and we will do all the formalities and legal work professionally, without giving any stress to you.

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