Drug License Registration


The Act which administrates sequential procedure right from manufacturing to the supplying or distributing of drugs in India is known as Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. The Act ensures that the drugs and cosmetics sold in India are safe, effective and conform to the quality standards and that everyone who deals in drugs and medicines has fair access to it, the government of India regulates the Act through obstinate rules and guidelines so that the right to manufacture and sell drugs and medicines is observed cautiously. Though the Act has undergone a number of amendments over the several years the main objective remains the same.

Meaning of Drugs

The term “drug” as defined in the Act includes a wide variety of substance, diagnostic, and medical devices. The Act defines “cosmetic” as any product to be applied to the human body for the purpose of beautifying and cleansing. Two types of drug licenses are applicable here (1) Wholesale license (2) Retail License for drug supplying and trading in India.

This license is issued based on certain conditions attached to premises and the eligible person who shall be dealing with drugs. If any person using or consuming drugs gets affected due to the negligence of the manufacturer of such drugs, such an act is an offense under IPC.

The documents required for filing an application for drug license include:

  • • Certificate of incorporation or registration
  • • MOA/AOA or partnership deed or LLP agreement
  • • Affidavit from directors
  • • PAN card and canceled cheque
  • • Photo, ID and address proof of directors
  • • Bio-data of the competent person
  • • Appointment letter of a competent person
  • • Qualification and experience certificate of a competent person
  • • Photo, ID, and address of the competent person.

Types of Drug License

Multi-Drug License: License allotted to an organization that established pharmacies in multiple states

Import License: License allotted to grant the import of drugs and medicines

Manufacturing License: License allotted to the firms that manufacture drugs and medicines including homeopathy/ allopathic

Sale License: License that is allotted for the sale of drugs, this license is also classified in three categories

• Restricted Drugs

• Retail Drug License

• Wholesale Drug License

Loan License: License allotted to the firm that doesn’t have its own manufacturing unit but utilizes the manufacturing operation of other licensed entities.

What are the benefits of Drug License Registration?

Growth chances for licensee: An organization that has been involved in drugs and medicine sales, manufacturing, and distribution needs license to expand its business in the wholesale market. Retailers will only entertain those companies who have accurate drug license

Making business operation easy: A genuine business never violates the rules and regulations determined by the government. The government is initiating hard steps to prevent hazardous situations and discrepancies in the medical sector. Therefore, if a business own drug license, then it can operate a business with no fear and it will subsequently provide easy business operating of the said company

Increase the credibility of the organization: Dug license is the criteria and benchmark of the certification provided by the government to companies who want to do business in drugs and medications. People always give preference and trust those companies that have required a drug license. Hence having an accurate drug license can naturally boost credibility in the market.

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