Professional Tax Registration


Professional tax is the tax levied by the different state governments in India on the salaried individuals either working in a government or a non- government organization or working as professionals like Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Lawyers, etc or operating any other business, such individuals are mandatorily required to pay this professional tax. The tax varies from state to state as every state has different tax rates as well as varied methods of collecting taxes from such individuals, though not every state is mandated to collect professional tax from the concerned persons. The states which impose such tax are Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Karnataka, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal, Sikkim, and Tripura. Such a tax is deducted from the salary of the employees by the employer and is deposited by the employer to the State Government. The professional tax adds to the revenue of the State Government which in turn is utilized for the prosperity of the people and overall growth of the particular state. However, the maximum amount of professional tax to be levied by the states till date is Rs 2500, such an amount paid as professional tax during the year is used as a deduction under the Income Tax Act.

Applicants applying for registration of professional tax need to understand the simplified registration process. Here are three simple methods for the simplified registration process.

  • • Courier/ Registered post- a dealer can file an application online/ offline by sending the required documents to the office of the concerned registering authority through courier or registered post.
  • • Online- A dealer can also file an application using the online procedures on the CTD portal and upload all the required documents on the same portal.
  • • In-person- The dealer can also submit his application by visiting the concerned registering authority in person along with the applicable documents.

The documents required for submitting the application for registration are

• Address of the establishment

• Address proof of the partners, proprietors, or directors as applicable.

• PAN of partners, proprietors, and directors as applicable.

• Photo of partners, proprietors, and directors as applicable.

• Salary of the employees

• Financial statements of the establishments.

• Certificate of incorporation and address proof in case of the company.

The payment of professional tax offers a number of benefits such as timely payment of professional tax results in the avoidance of penalties that keep on increasing over the time, deductions can be claimed in the salary on the basis of the tax paid, the registration procedures are much easier and even the remaining proceedings can be done quickly. Valcus Pvt Ltd is making things faster and simpler for its clients.

The consequences of violating the provisions of professional tax are different for every state as the penalty specified by each state varies as per the state legislation and the penal rate of interest will be levied if one does not get registered after the professional tax is made applicable. Also, the penalties will be levied if payments are not made within the due date or if the returns are not filed within the specified date.

We at Valcus Pvt ltd provide magnificently and trouble less assistance for the registration procedure relating to professional tax and thereby imparting valuable expertise in the matters relating thereto.

Benefits of Professional tax Registration

Registration is statuary requirement

Major states have made compulsory to carry out professional tax registration for owners or employers to pay service tax and deduct on behalf of employees.

Simple practice

The advantage of professional tax registration is that it can carry out and completed in an easy way.

Tax Benefits

The taxpayer can claim deduction from salary on behalf of professional tax paid. It gives several tax benefits to the taxpayer.

Protection from fine and penalties

As it is compulsory statuary need hence failing to carry out the profession tax registration can consequence penalties and fine to the applicant. Hence professional tax registration gives protection to the taxpayers from fine and penalties eventually.

How Valcus Pvt Ltd help in Professional tax registration process

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Once we receive registration application from the applicant along with required documents, we submit it to the concerned department

We help customers to get fast approval from the respective department

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After getting the registration process completion from the concerned department, we ensure that client gets the certification immediately.

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