Section 8 Company Registration


Section 8 Company Registration

A Section 8 Company is related to endorsement of religion, social welfare, charity, science, art, research, education, sports, protection of the environment, and other similar entity. It proposes to implement entire income, earning, and profit in promoting these entities.

There is no clause of income and or dividend to its members. These companies are considered limited companies due to their registration under the Companies Act. They will be regarded as a limited company but without the name “limited” addition to their name. These companies can be registered under public limited and private limited companies.

Section 8 Companies are legal entities for Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) or Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). Section 25 Company (under Companies Act, 1956) is an earlier form legal entity to the same objects. Section 8 Company has the authorization to work everywhere in the nation.


The objective of Section 8 Company mandatory be the promotion of Charity, Welfare, Protection of Environment, Commerce, Sports, Social, Religion, Research, Education, Art, Science, or any such subsequent entities.

The company aims to implement the profits, revenue, incomes in promoting these entities.

It doesn’t allow any payment of dividends or income to its members.

Section 8 Company is for those who don’t want to generate profitable revenue from the company. Even all the income, funds and profit applied to some portion of social structure

How Valcus Pvt Ltd Process Section 8 Company Registration

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Advantages of Section 8 Registration


The best part of Section 8 Company is that you don’t have to use suffix Limited or Private Limited to its registered name. You can register section 8 company with words containing Federation, organization, Institute, Academy, Association, Society, Club, Charities, Council and Foundation

Tax Benefits

There is several tax benefits are given to Section 8 Companies in India


Section 8 Organizations are more trustworthy as compared to other types of charitable organizations. They are firmly controlled and regulated by the Companies Act. For example, the need for a compulsory yearly audit, AOA, and MOA can ever be modified for any reason.

Tax rebate to the donors: The donors of a Section 8 company can avail of the benefits of tax rebate under Section 80G and 12A of the Income Tax Act.

No provision of minimum capital requirement: Section 8 Company has no Minimum Capital requirement. Moreover, the Capital Structure of Section 8 Company can be modified at any stage depends upon the needs of the organization. It clearly shows that this type of company can be registered and formed without the help of any capital investment. The necessary funds can be obtained through donations, subsidies, and charity from the general public and other organizations.

NO stamp duty

A Section 8 registered company is free from paying any stamp duty as compared to other forms of company.

Separate legal identity

Registering a Section 8 company means you have availed a distinct legal identity. It means that it has a different identity other than its members. The company has permanent existence along with having structured functions and flexibility.


An incorporated partnership company can become a member of its person capacity and acquire Directorship.

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