Provident Fund Registration


Provident fund Registration

Employees Provident Fund [EPF] is a scheme for the benefit of workers or Employees.’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. It is regulated by Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) which is the World’s largest social insurance Organizations in terms of an employee covered and also the volume of transactions. EPF is a benefit to the employee after retirement by the organization. EPF or Employees Provident Fund is mandated for an organization to offer its employees that have more than 20 employees. EPF registration is essential for companies filing the income tax return, professional tax is allowed as a deduction from your source income. We help organizations to register for provident fund.

Consulting before Application

We always recommend to first consult a Provident fund expert before starting the registration process. It will save the company from needless legal tangles in the later stage. Also, it will eliminate the compliance cost for companies.

Eligibility for EPF Registration

Below are the eligibility criteria for PF Registration, Company must have followed in place:

  • Organizations that have 20 or more people.
  • Salary up to Rs. 15,000 at the time of joining of an employee is required to become a member.
  • In this act, Salary implies and includes Basic + Allowances, Cash worth of food concession and retaining grants, if any.
  • The company and the workers of an establishment mutually decide to apply for PF to the Central PF Commissioner.
  • The company can also opt for voluntary registering if the worker’s total is less than 20. Each worker is entitled to PF right from the start of his employment. The responsibility of PF input and deduction is of the company’s.

Outsource PF & ESIC Filing

For Small and Medium corporations it is not feasible to keep a team just to take care of Provident fund & ESIC payment, instead, the whole process can be outsourced to a skilled firm. It will not only condense the compliance cost but also decreases the chances of mistake. It will be allowed more space for your resources to focus on essential areas of production. The company will also not be rushed to find a replacement each time the PF staff resign.

Last but not Least

Employee gets Universal Account Number (UAN) Code After Registration of EPF, which will be required to transfer the fund in case of a job switch. Once Online Registration is complete, Monthly online return for PF and ESIC needs to be filed on or before the 25th of next month.

Why Us

We do the complete paperwork, follow up with the authorities and take care of other formalities while you can stay relaxed. Valcus have a dedicated team to handle all PF and ESIC related compliance, We serve more than 100 clients across India. Our team has professionals with more than 15 years of experience in providing consulting, compliance and automation resolutions related to Provident fund and Payroll related services. We accept advisory, registration and tax return filing for PF and ESIC on a monthly base.

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