Private Security License(PSARA)


What is PSARA or Private Security Agencies Regulation License or Act?

Businesses or persons that own private security agencies must register PSARA or Private Security Agencies Regulation. The Government of India initiates the act to regulate Private Security Agencies. As the name refers, Private Security Agencies deliver security service and provide training to the security personnel and guards.

The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 regulate security agencies so that they can work according to rule and conditions. Private security has become a necessity because of elevated criminal activities, life threats, and terrorism. That is why various agencies provide private securities for a person and their assets. The PSARA Act is necessary because there might be a possibility of fake security agencies, and socially evil people can operate it.

The requirement of private securities agencies has increased for the protection against manifold crimes and threats. Many traitor people try to breach securities and want to enter the business of personal security; that is why India's government has regulated it. We know that the constitution has described the state's role and its representative where the state and its leaders have to protect every citizen living. But practically, it is not possible and easy to protect every citizen of the state. The concept of personal security is ideal for safeguarding you from the anti-social and threat element of society.

No single private security agency or individual can operate a business offer security guard without obtaining a PSARA license under the PSARA Act.

What are the various benefits of having a PSARA LICENSE?

It is obvious to have a security concern when the crime graph is rising with every passing day. With the objective of protecting you from dangerous and anti-social people, private security is the best. The government has started the PSARA Act to prevent such organizations' entry with bad intentions and anti-national activities. That is why the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act is necessary to monitor, manage, and track these agencies.

As per instructions of this act, no person or firm can start or operate private security for anyone without obtaining a PSARA license. The Government of India can allot you a PSARA license, but you need a consultant like Valcus for a speedy application and registration process. Numbers of benefits after obtaining the PSARA Act are as follows:

The license makes sure hassle-free operation of the security firm .

Give strength and credible status to agencies.

Assist in achieving loyalty of potential consumers

Influence more clients

Keep away from a refutation of services and rights.

How Valcus is the most reliable firm to help in obtaining PSARA License

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  • • Once we submit the documents, we will follow up with the concerned department and provide the client application status.
  • • After we get information on license approval and certificate, we will inform clients.
  • • We will courier hardcopy to the client's address and send a softcopy to the email. If the client wishes to collect the license from our office, we are comfortable with it.
  • • What advantage you will get From Valcus if you apply for a PSARA license
  • • If you apply for a PSARA license through Valcus, then we make sure to give multiple benefits.
  • • We do all types of tax return filing, GST return, company registration, MSME, and trust registration.
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Hence, if you have any need for a PSARA license or any other services mentioned on the website, keep communicating with us.

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