Private Limited Company Registration


What is a Private limited company?

One of the most widely preferred and convenient company’s registration option is Private Limited Company registration for businesses in all over India. A Private Limited Company can consist of a minimum of two members and a maximum of up to 50 members. The directory of a Private Limited Company has restricted accountability to its creditors. If the company becomes bankrupt or defaulted then banks or creditor can reimburse their compensation by selling the company’s asset but not the personal property of the directors.

In case you want to form a company in India then you must register that company. It is essential to register your company because it has several benefits. Moreover with Valcus Pvt Ltd, one can avail easy company registration process.

Small, medium and start-up companies are considering Private Limited Company because one can approach external sources for funding and investment. It also enables limited liabilities to its founder and investors.

Valcus Pvt Ltd offers a rapid and cost-effective private limited company registration service with an absolute online procedure. Numerous businessmen in all major regions of India trust our company’s service. Private Limited Company registration is extremely considered by startups. We will provide all the information related to company registration.

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

Distinct ownership and management

The distinct management and ownership assist organization and management in paying attention to the core responsibilities. The promoters allocate duty to manage and operate the organization with full control in the form of voting.

Owners’ Limited Liability

The organization's liabilities, debts, and restrictions don’t impose a penalty on the owner’s personal properties. The liability remains limited only to the capital and non-payment by them.

Separate Legal entity

After Private Limited company registration completes, the firm becomes the legal entity for the government. But it detaches itself from promoters and investors. The private limited company can manage its name by opening a bank account to buy assets and make any agreement with customers. It also gives the company to challenge third parties in case of any default and misuse of the company name, brand, and product or service without any consent

Convenient to raise funds

Private Limited company registration procedure is strong itself to make your company authorized, among others. It is also easy to raise funds and approach new investors for your company if the company is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

What we offer in our company Registration Package (What benefits customers can get from Valcus)

If you register your company with Valcus Pvt Ltd then you will get following additional benefits from our registration package

Digital Signature Certificate for 2 Directors

ROC and Pan Card of company


Name search and Approval feature

How Valcus Pvt Ltd helps in Processing the Private Limited Company Registration

Fill the company registration form and submit the needed documents for company registration. You can download the company registration form through the download section of our website.

When you will submit Company Registration form and required documents then we will provide DSC and DPIN

After that information provided by you will be authenticated then we will apply for name approval

We will collect all the documentation and submit them with ROC on your behalf

After getting the company registration certificate approval, we will send all the documents along with the Digital Signature certificate.

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