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A patent is an exclusive right granted to an individual to protect his or her invention from being made or used in any manner without the permission of the inventor for a limited period of time. The invention can be a new product or a new process or any technical solution related to a problem or any improvisations in the same thereof, basically getting one’s invention patented a person can prevent others from using the same for their own commercial gain.

It is considered obligatory for all the Indian inventors who wish to protect their intellectual rights to get their patent registered as per the Patent Act 2002. The registration of the patent includes some specific documentation and a stepwise procedure as per the specified act. The registration process of the same has been mentioned below. Before filing an application regarding the registration of the patent, one must conduct a patentability search so as to know whether a patent is available for a particular invention or not.

What Can Be Patented in India

Firstly, the invention made must be new which has not been carried out or invented priority by any person and is not disclosed to the public in any manner,

Secondly, the invention made shall be an inventive step which is different from the ordinary, or we can say that it must not be obvious.

Thirdly, the invention made thereof should be capable of being used by the industry, in other words, it must possess the capability of industrial application.

Fourthly, the application must be made before making any public disclosure that is it must not be known to the public or used by the public in any form.

Fifthly, the last requirement being the invention must be of “patentable subject matter “under the applicable law.

Benefits of Patent Registration

A Patent Registration allows inventors a right to prevent others from imitating, producing distributing, selling, importing, and exporting inventions without the approval of inventors.

An inventor can utilize his/her invention on their own

Inventor gets protection for pre-arranged duration allowing keeping rival to stay away

Moreover, you can give approval or license to others in order to use your patent and you can also sell it. It is also a significant method of earning money for your business. In fact, some businesses get handsome royalties from their patent which they have licensed along with registered trademark and design.

How Valcus Pvt Ltd Process Patent Registration

The role of Valcus is imperative in assisting for Patent Registration.

Valcus helps in Application filling and submission to the respective department.

We make sure to give complete support to the client and documentation that is needed at the time of registration. The application of patent registration will be submitted to the registrar.

We will help consumers to get the Patent registration certificate within 10-20 business working that is equivalent to the standard government time

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Valcus is an appropriate forum to get a different registration certificate in a hassle-free way. We are experienced in giving assistance in intellectual property registration such as trademark registration, copyright registration, and Patent Registration. We make Patent Registration flawless, economical and rapid with Valcus Pvt Ltd. We, provide our clients with all the relevant information and documentation relating to patent registration with adequate assistance and professional expertise.

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