One Person Company Registration


The formation of One Person Company in India was launched via the Companies Act. 2013 to encourage businessmen who are able to initiate a business enabling incorporate a single person business entity. One major benefit of the One Person Company (OPC) is that there can be only a single person can run the business. However, on the other hand, in a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP, at least two members are required for company formation and incorporation. A-One Person Company is a distinct authorized body from its promoters and investors. It offers limited liability protection to its single shareholder.

Requirements for One Person Company

One Person Company has lots of compliance-related to its operation and registration. Therefore, before initiating on OPC incorporation, it is necessary to know the rules and regulation for the registration. These compliances make sure that investor is capable as the Companies Act to incorporate an OPC firm.

Only a native Indian resident and Citizen can register for an OPC.

Resident in India refers to an individual who has lived in India more 182 days in the last calendar year

The minimum grant capital investment is Rs 1, 00,000

A separate legal body such as a company or LLP can register an OPC.

The business associated with financial operations cannot be registered as an OPC.

A promoter can have a nominee at the time of OPC registration.

If the paid-up capital of OPC increased Rs 50 lakhs (as applicable by law) or turnover exceeds Rs 2 crores (as applicable by law) then it must be changed into the private limited company

The Process of OPC Registration

The process of OPC Registration involved with four steps which are mentioned below

  • • Applying for Digital Signature Certificate
  • • Applying for Name Approval
  • • Registration filing
  • • Starting of business operation

Prior to opting for One Person Company, you must know the different types of companies that can be registered. A company can be found for legal purposes through the below-mentioned number of persons.

Seven or more persons, in case of a limited company

Public Limited company require seven or more persons

Private limited company require two or more members

One person is required for One Person Company as the name suggests

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How Valcus Pvt Ltd helps in OPC Registration

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Benefits of OPC Registration

It helps in raising funds and investors for your organization

OPC registration gives Limited Liability Protection to the Director’s Personal Assets

The owner of OPC Company has complete control and the owner is the decision-maker always. However, he/she can appoint a maximum of 15 directors for administration operation without distributing shares to them.

One person company helps in creating a better reputation and Goodwill in the market

It is quite easy to sell One Person Company because it needs less documentation and legal formalities

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