Copyright Registration


Copyright means a form of intellectual property that offers protection to a creator or an author for their creative work. Such work may include any literary work, artistic, musical, or any other such original works, this exclusive right is granted to the unique creators in order to preserve their piece of work from being misused by others. In other words, it can be stated that one cannot copy or take advantage of any such work on which the creator has taken copyright without the permission of the creator. In general, copyright lasts for 60 days but in the case of original literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic work this particular period is counted from the year following the death of the creator. Therefore, copyright can be termed as the right which ensures that the efforts of such authors, designers, musicians, architects, artists are not exploited, thereby creating an atmosphere that induces creativity among such artists.

The authors or the creators who wish to get their work copyrighted have to follow a legalized registration procedure for the same. This procedure has to be compiled according to the respective law.

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How Valcus Pvt Ltd Process Copyright Registration

The expert team of Valcus Pvt Ltd helps in processing the copyright registration in a few simple steps:

  • • We help in filing the application form and clients need to submit determined fees along with the form.
  • • We will precede the registration application form, registration fees and required documents to the concerned department
  • • There is a standard cooling period of 30 days after application submission
  • • We will endeavor to get the approval from the examiner as soon as possible
  • • After getting registration approval from the registrar we will hand over the successful registration certificate without wasting a single minute

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Globally protected

The material that has been copyrighted in several other nations is getting the same benefits in India. For instance, if your work comes with copyright registration then it is protected globally. No one can use it without your consent.

Formation of Asset

By doing Copyright registration, it subsequently turns your intellectual property into an intangible asset. If your intellectual property is registered under copyright act then you have the right to sell, commercially distribute and give franchise for your b3nefit.

Credibility and Branding

The registered copyright is easily utilized for branding and it also creates credibility among your end consumers. Registered copyright depicts that you are much more concerned about your intellectual property.

Obstruct illegal imitation

Copyright registration will establish that you are serious about copyright infringement. This will help impede unauthorized reproduction of the work as it provides the owner with a host of legal remedies.

With copyright registration, it will allow user to restrict anyone who tries to imitate or reproduce the same material that you produce. This helps the owner to take legal action against the person ort entity that is trying to perform copyright infringement.

Legally secure and authorized

Copyright registration is representing the work of the owner and the court of law is giving you protection for that. Court of Law provides legal authorization to the owner to safeguard his work under the law and compliances.

Why Valcus is a reliable firm for Copyright Registration

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Round the clock Support and Services

Valcus Pvt Ltd is providing round the clock support and services to the client. We never sit relax until we give solutions to our valued customers.

Transparency in terms of fees and professionalism

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Proficient and Qualified Team

We have employed an expert and qualified staff which makes us the prevalent and leading company in the market for company registration and other legal services.

Quick and Trustworthy Services

We believe in doing our work professionally along with a standard deadline. We consistently do an effort to make things easier and quicker for our clients. This has made us the most trustworthy organization in the industry.

All business services at one destination

Valcus Pvt Ltd is a unified business service provider and you can get all required registration services online effectively here. We are always prepared to help you in all types of registration and legal services.

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