FCRA Registration


What is FCRA Registration

FCRA refers to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act that regulates and control foreign contribution take place within India. FCRA Registration Certificate allotted by the government administration, which is compulsory compliance to receive and obtain any foreign contribution, funds, and grants by any authorized NGOs, company, society, trust, and association.

The main purpose of FCRA registration is to sanction the reception of any foreign contribution by domestic companies or trust for making sure the accurate use of such foreign grants and function for the particular aim.

Different Benefits of FCRA Registration

FCRA registration allows organizations to approach for funds from foreign firms and entities

NGOs that are registered under 80G registration can also apply for FCRA and get foreign grants easily

12 A registered society can also apply for FCRA registration and raise funds from foreign organizations for the operation of their NGO

How Valcus Pvt Ltd Process FCRA Registration

The experienced staff and experienced professionals give accurate assistance in processing the FCRA registration. We follow a simple process in registration

  • • We communicate with our clients and ask their requirements
  • • We give them proper information about registration form filing and documentation requirements.
  • • Customers need to fill a simple registration or application form available on our website
  • • If customers are unable to know the process of filling the registration form then our experts will help
  • • In case, of documents and registration form submission, we can send our company executive or you can also personally come to our office for the same purpose.
  • • We will process and submit the documents and registration form to the relevant government department.
  • • Once the registrar of that respective government informs us about the registration certificate approval, we will hand over the certificate of registration to the clients instantly.

How Valcus is benefitting its clients

  • • We are giving 24x7 technical support and services to our clients
  • • Our team contains experts and energetic people with different walks of industry such as chartered accountant, legal advisors, tax consultants, and all that.
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  • • We help customers in filing Income Tax return
  • • We also give assistance in GST return filing and GST registration services
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  • • Our services are spread all over India

At Valcus, we are devoted to providing our services to the clients in economical fees. We are a client-oriented organization and we serve the clients with the greatest customer service. We are giving several benefits to our clients.

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