80G Registration


80G Registration

80G certification is beneficial for an entity to get an exclusion from income tax payment. A charitable trust or non-profit organization registered under section 12A then it can get tax rebate under section 80G. For instance, if you have given charity to charitable organizations, then you can get a certain amount of rebate from taxes. However, there is also a maximum permissible limit for tax exemption. The basis of the maximum tax rebate is the average of the amount you donate surpass 10 percent of the total gross revenue then the additional income will not be eligible for the tax rebate.

Benefits of 80G Registration Certificate

Government funding

An NGO or Trust which is registered under 80G can avail government funding easily.

Tax exemption for a lifetime

NGO which have 80G registration can get the tax exemption benefits for the lifetime.

Influence investors

NGO or Trust that is registered under 80G can attract investors for raising funds. Moreover, it will be beneficial for a person or organization that is donating money to such NGOs because it can benefit them 50% rebate in taxable income.

Income Tax Rebate

NGO under 80G Registration can get the Income Tax rebate

Who can get Tax saving benefits under 80G?

Donations given to the registered organizations only qualify for tax rebate under section 80G.

An individual who give donations that are allowed to get the tax rebate under 80 G

Who cannot get the Tax Benefits under section 80G?

In case the donation is done from salary but the donation receipt has the name of the company owner then the employee can apply for tax exemption under section 80G.

Donations made by Foreigners or NRI to the eligible organization and trust also eligible for a tax rebate as per 80G section

If a donation is made to a foreign trust you cannot qualify for tax savings under section 80G. In case a donation is given to the foreign firm or entity then you cannot be eligible for tax rebate benefits under section 80G.

If donations are given to any political parties and institutions then the respective trust or firm cannot apply for tax benefits. The tax rebate also cannot be claimed for posting and printing of pamphlets, flyers, and brochures.

80G Registration – Compliance Requirements

The beneficiary or entity of the 80G certificate must abide the compliance with the following requirements:

The application should only submit by an authorized educational institute, government-funded institution, public charitable organization, and registered society.

The trust/institution applying for the certificate must be duly registered under The entity/Trust/ Institution applying for the 80G certificate mandatorily need to be incorporated under the Societies Registration Act, 1860; or Section 25 of the Companies Act; or any other subsequent Acts.

The applicant or entity of the certificate must not involve in caste, race, and religion-based discrimination activities.

The applicant trust or charitable organization needs to use the donated amount for philanthropy activities.

The authorized trust or organization should not carry any amount that is not exempted.

Trusts/ Institutions performing any other commercial activities are needed to preserve a separate account so that the donations are not mixed with the amount from other sources.

The applicant should have maintained the appropriate annual returns, accounting, and bookkeeping before applying for the certificate.

The trusts or institution must preserve the accurate annual ITR, bookkeeping and accounting records prior to requesting for the 80G certificate

The applicant of the certificate needs to make sure the well-timed certificate renewals hence to get the required tax exemption.

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