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The right, also called as The Intellectual Property Rights, to a work of literary, music, cinematography or software code arises at the time of its creation, and it rests with the person who has created it. The registrar of copyright maintains a register of all copyrights and issues a certificate, as conclusive proof of the ownership of the copyright. The copyright is a work of creativity and is an exclusive right in favor or the author of the original work. The rights of copyright are conferred under The Copyright Act, 1957. There are various categories of work which can be registered under the law. The validity of the registration of copyright is 60 years in general from the end of the year in which it is first published. The legal treatment is different for different type of work, the intent of the IPR in copyright is to protect the original work irrespective of its quality or artistic merit. Section 13 of The Copyright Act, 1957 provides that the original works in which copyright subsists we shall deal with various types of copyright which can be registered in India.