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Home Trademark Registration In India

Trademark or Brand Name is the most valuable asset for any company, to protect it, we file an application for trademark registration within 24 Hours. The government fee depends on the type of applicant and the number of classes. A trademark is a unique mark or sign that represents a company, and it is used to distinctively identify a company from another and build its credibility among consumers. If one does not register its trademark, brand name, logo, punchline etc., then an imitator cannot be stopped from confusing the public by using same or similarly deceptive name or mark which may results in financial and economic loss to the business in long-term. The intellectual property right (IPR) in Trademark arises with its first use in favour of the person who for the first time conceived the Name, brand, Logo or any other trademark and used it. The registration of the mark under the Trademark Act is a prima-facie proof of ownership in the name of the applicant.