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A foreign company can commence a business in India in different ways, for instance, a project office, a representative office or by opening a branch office, in all such kinds the Indian entity formulated remains a foreign entity which leads to higher rates of taxes and strong regulations. If the foreign corporation has plans to function in India on a full-fledged scale just like an Indian company then a subsidiary company of such an international company is the answer. As an Indian Subsidiary Company, it shall be subject to the same set of rules which applies to any other Indian company. The incorporation of a subsidiary company in India is subject to current sectoral ceiling/limit of FDI, Almost all sectors are open for Foreign Investment in India, and the company incorporation can be done through automatic route without obtaining any prior approval from the central government. However, in case the sector is not open to 100% FDI then, permission of the concerned ministry of the central government (Earlier FIPB was approving authority) is mandatory. We at Valcus, have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in their field. The documentation is very critical in the quick registration of the subsidiary company. All the required documents to be filed with the registrar of companies (ROC) required to be legalized. By legalization, we mean certification/attestation appropriately. The documents can be attested in India if the same is present in originals within the territory of India for verification and the foreign person is holding a business Visa. In all other cases, the documents require attestation in the country of origin at the office of Indian High Commission, or it may be apostille as per Hague convention.