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Commence company  in proprietorship effortlessly and  in a span of a day. Registration is not required for proprietorship as a company. However, to operate a Bank A/c, you need to produce at least two documents under the name of the proprietorship business. ValCus provides the same services.A proprietorship is the simplest form of business in which enterprises can start, Only one person invests entire capital in the firm, and he alone is entitled to the profits of the business. For a Proprietorship Firm, there is no registration as such, and it starts at the will of the proprietor/owner without obtaining any certification. However to open a Bank Account two entity proof in the name of the proprietorship firm is insisted on by the bankers in India. We shall be help you to commence your business pan India and after that to get all other necessary licenses, protection IPR, Accounting and Tax Compliances including the timely filing of GST Registration.