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Home Project Office Registration in India

A foreign company can set up a project office in India either on a short term basis or a long term project office, provided the foreign company has been given a project to be executed by them in India from the government or private sector. Registration of Project Office with RBI & ROC must be finished prior to commencing operation. There are some conditions which require to be fulfilled prior to an application is moved for Project Office Registration. The Registration of Project Office needs to be completed with at-least three government department. Firstly an approval of setting up a project office needs to be received from RBI which accords its approval on an application filed before it through an AD Banker. Secondly, the project office needs to register itself under the register of companies as a foreign company within 30 days of having secured approval from the RBI. Thirdly it needs to get itself registered in the office of Director General of Police of the concerned state, within which the registered office of the project office shall be situated. RBI has granted general permission to foreign entities for establishing of Project Offices, and Such Project Office of a Foreign Entity cannot carry on any activity other than the activity which is directly related to the project for which it has been established.