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Professional Tax is a tax imposed by some of the state governments in India on citizens earning income from salary or practicing professionals such as Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Lawyer, and Doctor Etc. and from the company, LLP, Directors and Designated Partners. The persons falling under the ambit of professional tax and the employers employing staff for their business need to receive registration with appropriate department designated for compliance of professional tax in a particular state within 30 days of coming under the purview of the applicability of professional tax. Each professional, the Directors of Company, Designated Partners of the LLP or any other employer is under obligation to seek registration as mentioned above and to ensure that professional tax is deducted from the salary of employees. The deducted professional tax from the employees must be deposited in the appropriate office designated by the state government, and a return of professional tax must be filed specifying the payment of professional tax. Each employer is under an obligation to deduct and pay tax on behalf of employees, for this purpose the employer should receive the registration certificate from the departmental of professional tax within 30 days from the date of his liability.