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Commence Partnership Firm effortlessly with ValCus, more than two years experience of professional service while we formulate partnership deed, file documents for registration of partnership firm prior to  the registrar of firms. Although the business in partnership firm can be commeced immediately, however registration is required.To establish a Partnership firm, partners require to sign into an agreement which is commonly known as Partnership Deed. Distinct states impose stamp duty on the partnership deeds, it betokens while formulating  a partnership instrument (Deed) the partners should purchase stamp paper of appropriate value to be annexed with the agreement. An agreement can further be notarized. Though registration of partnership Firm is not compulsory under The Partnership Act, 1932, however, Section 69 of the act specifies the impact of Non-Registration, according to that an unregistered firm shall not be able to recover any sum more than Rs. 100. Thus it is strongly recommended to register the partnership firm.