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The authorised capital of a company is the limit to which a company can raise further capital. The subscribed capital or paid-up capital can never be more than the amount of authorised capital as mentioned in the capital clause of the MOA and AOA. ValCus assists entrepreneurs to augment the limit imposed by the MOA on the capacity to raise capital. Our services are available at a competitive price. Every business requires funds to accomplish its object; ideally, there is two kind of funding, one where the company needs to return the investment along with interest, this is termed as debt or loan. While another type of investment is, wherein the investor (read shareholder) puts their money in a company for a longer period, and in return is entitled to a share in the profits of the company, also known as the dividend, and expects an appreciation in the value of its investment. In a company form of business investment into the equity is limited to its authorised capital and the allotment of fresh shares are regulated regarding valuation and the first right of the existing shareholders of the company. The company has to follow provisions of its AOA and to obtain approval of the ROC while making any changes in its capital.