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Get ready to Import and Export from India, within a span of a day. ValCus provide you IEC (Import Export Code) in a hassle-free manner. You do not have to move from your office or home, we would take care of filing and follow up with Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), all over India. Get started, you just need to fill the form on the left and we shall get back to you. Import Export Code (IEC) is a ten digit number, consisting alphabets and numbers. IEC is a mandatory prerequisite for commencing a business of Import or Export in India. The IEC code is an all India based registration, Therefore, against one pan number the director general of foreign trade can issue only one IE Code. The IEC is a unique number through which a person is identified at all offices of Customs and DGFT across India. In general, all the Imports and Exports can be done without any other authorization, license or permission, however, in the national interest or to regulate the trade or any specific commodity, the central government may prohibit the import or export of some goods. In case you want to import any item which is restricted, an application for license or permission to import can be filed to the DGFT elucidating the specific factors for the export or import.