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Copyright is a bundle of rights provided to an originator of the work. All Literary, Musical, Dramatic, Artistic, Cinematographic Films and Sound Recordings are protected under copyright. Copyright comes into existence as soon as work is created, but it is always advisable to get a copyright registration to protect one’s original piece of creative work. The copyright registration is not compulsory under the Act, however, for all practical purposes, the registration of your original creative work is highly recommended. The rights granted under copyright law is the right of reproduction and communication to the public, translation, and adoption of work including both economic rights and moral rights. The purpose of the IPR in copyright is to protect the original work irrespective of its quality or artistic merit. Section 13 of The Copyright Act, 1957 provides that copyright subsists only in an original work. The period of validity of a copyright is in general 60 years from its first publication, or delivery or broadcast to the public. ValCus has the well-experienced team to protect your valuable IP in your new creations.