Valcus Pvt. Ltd.

Home Allotment of Shares

The board of directors are legally entitled to issue fresh equity shares of the company but subject to its valuation and the right of first refusal of the existing shareholders of a private limited company. The main professional work with the fresh issue of equity is the valuation of share and filing the PAS-3 to ROC which is a return of allotment of shares of the company. ValCus is experienced to handle allotment of shares and provides ROC compliance service for filing PAS-3 competitive price. The directors of the company are authorised to arrange funds for the company. For short-term funds required, they generally resort to loan or short-term credit facilities. But, for long-term use or to achieve the long-term vision and objective of the company, the issue of new equity share is the best option. The new equity shares can be allotted at the fair market value or the premium, the issue of shares at a discount is prohibited by the companies act, 2013. To issue shares for considerations other than cash prior approval of the ROC is needed.